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FenceBox rollaway system


  1. The usual fences and the disadvantages thereof.
  2. The FenceBox system.
  3. The operation and technical specifications of the FenceBox.
  4. The mobile version of the FenceBox.
  5. The stationary version of the FenceBox.
  6. The wire mesh.
  7. Entry doors.


4. The mobile version of the FenceBox.

The mobile version of the FenceBox goes up to two meters. The socle is filled with concrete.


This plinth is equipped with slots for a forklift to ease the transport.

Extra stability is created by using a horizontal steel beam, these beams are placed in the slots meant for the forklift.

The mobile version has standards equipped with ground plates to guarantee stability.

The adapter used to fix the end piece is mobile. With a concrete foot of its own and shores or with two straps which can be connected to pillars or other similar objects.




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