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FenceBox rollaway system


  1. The usual fences and the disadvantages thereof.
  2. The FenceBox system.
  3. The operation and technical specifications of the FenceBox.
  4. The mobile version of the FenceBox.
  5. The stationary version of the FenceBox.
  6. The wire mesh.
  7. Entry doors.


6. The wire mesh

The used standard mesh is a robust web of galvanized steel wire. Because of the reticular architecture it can absorb a lot of force. Climbing in this structure is difficult because it gives away and doesn’t support you.
By using mesh with a 50 millimeter diameter it is very hard to get a shoe in and climb up.

If the mesh is damaged it is easy to replace the damaged parts quickly and cheaply. The metal doesn’t burn and can’t be cut with a knife. Attaching advertisements and cladding cloth is very easy by fastening it to the fence. The fence can still be rolled out and rolled up. .

Using stronger mesh or special box constructions, adapted to your personal wishes, is possible.

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