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FenceBox rollaway system


  1. The usual fences and the disadvantages thereof.
  2. The FenceBox system.
  3. The operation and technical specifications of the FenceBox.
  4. The mobile version of the FenceBox.
  5. The stationary version of the FenceBox.
  6. The wire mesh.
  7. Entry doors.


3. The operation and technical specifications of the FenceBox

First, the upper cable is taken out of the box. This cable is pulled out until it has reached its final position; next, the cable is tightened.


The rolled-up fence is pulled out of the box via the lateral opening.


Vertical pillars are placed under the cable with equal spaces in between, to support the weight of the fence.

The fence is now pulled out, following the predetermined route, and fastened tightly to the next box or something else.


The pillars can fixate the fence at the top or bottom, using special fasteners. The system acquires extra stiffness and formidable stability.

The FenceBox comes in several combinations: the height, length, shape and color can be determined individually.

Connecting the fence to special infrastructures, such as walls, existing fences or tourniquets is easy with the help of special adapters.

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