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FenceBox rollaway system


  1. The usual fences and the disadvantages thereof.
  2. The FenceBox system.
  3. The operation and technical specifications of the FenceBox.
  4. The mobile version of the FenceBox.
  5. The stationary version of the FenceBox.
  6. The wire mesh.
  7. Entry doors.


7. Entry doors

There are several varieties of entry doors that can be combined with the FenceBox. All doors have been developed especially for this system. If an entry door is needed it can easily be placed as an adapter to the FenceBox. Using these doors guarantees flexibility and mobility again.

Fixed entry door for people.

This door, 1.10 meter wide and 2.20 meter high, can be attached to the FenceBox easily. The lock closes into a steel frame, becoming one with the FenceBox.
The door can be transported together with the box. By using steel mats the door matches the fence optically as well.

Fixed entry door for vehicles.

This door, 2.30 meter wide, is also easily attached to the side of the box. Transport is also easily combined. This door opens both ways. The filling of the door consists of galvanized steel mats, matching the mesh optically. The door can be closed and opened easily from both sides.

The door box.

This special door consists of a separate box of 40x40 centimeter and is easily attached to the side of the FenceBox. In the box you will find a rolled-up door which can be stretched out for 4 meters. A spring ensures that the door rolls up automatically. The end of this door van be attached to all boxes and special adapters. This door is very handy as an emergency exit: the door usually stays closed but can be opened quickly in certain situations.