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FenceBox rollaway system


  1. The usual fences and the disadvantages thereof.
  2. The FenceBox system.
  3. The operation and technical specifications of the FenceBox.
  4. The mobile version of the FenceBox.
  5. The stationary version of the FenceBox.
  6. The wire mesh.
  7. Entry doors.


1. The usual fences and the disadvantages thereof.

When we talk about temporary enclosures used to enclose an area of guide a large crowd, we usually mean building fences or crush barriers.

Using these kinds of fences comes with several disadvantages:

  • A lot of personnel is needed to place and dismount the fences.
  • You need a considerably large storage room.
  • Unauthorized people can easily climb over or crawl under them.
  • Not very attractive to look at (impression of construction site).
  • Takes a lot of time to build and take down, so less flexible when it comes to short-term changes.


The systems that are currently used have not kept up with modern times. Building fences and crush barriers are usually cheap to buy or rent, but they’re obsolete because of the high handling costs and the complex transport and storage.

They are usually simple building fences and thus not appropriate for the current modern industrial areas, soccer stadiums, events or calamities.


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