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Innovative temporary fence


Stadiums filled to the brim, large events, festivals, concerts or calamities. They have one thing in common: controlling large amounts of people is a top priority.

Many fencing systems are available to screen or control crowds. They may be cheap, but they also have several disadvantages. The space needed to store and transport the system often is a problem. Installing these systems, too, is quite labor-intensive regarding both workload and hours. All these things make the systems quite costly. Current systems are not up to date. They have not been made to control and screen large crowds.

A fence is often necessary in the case of a soccer game to separate supporters. The fence is no longer needed, however, if the location is used for a concert the next day. A flexible system could offer the solution in many cases.

The FenceBox is a complete solution, for both permanent as temporary use. The system consists of a metal box containing 50 meters of fencing which can be unrolled. The foot of this metal box is made from concrete. This is essential to be able to guarantee stability.

One of the biggest advantages of the FenceBox is the fact that two people can easily and quickly install the temporary fence (within a few minutes, it’s done!).

The FenceBox is an innovation!

The advantages in short!

  • Two people can place or remove a FenceBox with 50 meters of fence within a few minutes, no great physical labor required.
  • The route of the fence can be determined per situation and is easily adapted.
  • The ending piece of the fence can be placed against anything, for instance buildings, pillars or other fences.
  • By combining several FenceBoxes it is possible to create an ‘endless fence’.
  • After use, the fence can be rolled up into the FenceBox easily with the use of a lever.
  • The FenceBox is very space-saving in its storage: it only needs a surface of 1.3 square meters.
  • Advertisements are easily attached to the fence.
  • All parts of the system are stored in the FenceBox after use.